Thursday, June 15, 2017


On Tuesday of this week, CANADA'S longest serving and most corrupt ever Chief Justice, Beverly McLachlin announced she would be retiring early.

Our investigators report that she was asked to retire, instead of being outright fired, (this is the usual procedure in Canada) amid a corruption investigation being carried out by the RCMP that stems from the case of GREG HARNEY and the looting of the English family property by the British Columbia Government where three justices at the British Columbia Court of Appeal were caught writing a fraudulent judgment anmd it may be related to the murder of several judges in the Water War Crimes Cases.

Legal investigators have detected a clear pattern of corruption by Bev McLachlin in cases where she favours the British Columbia Government and the GREG HARNEY case was one of those cases.

Investigators have advised our editors that the police investigation has uncovered the network of crooked judges that includes Bev McLachlin.  

Bev McLachlin began her career as a judge in Canada in 1980 and she has been a major player in case after case of judicial corruption

As the first woman Chief Justice of Canada, Bev proved that women are equally as capable as men when it comes to corruption. 

Bev McLachlin was made Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of British Columbia in 1988 by Brian Mulroney and was appointed to the Supreme Court of Canada in 1989 by Brian Mulroney the same year that Brian Mulroney made Brian Smith ( shown in
photo in right with Bev) the Chairman of Canadian National Railways.
Smith had no railway experience but he did have  good credentials in the corrupt administration of public assets, and his directorship was believed to be a reward for services rendered when he was Attorney General of British Columbia where he was responsible for the conduct of the dirty lawyers at the BC Ministry of the Attorney General who were secretly and illegally giving a water export monopoly to W.C.W. Western Canada Water Enterprises Ltd.  The key lawyers were Robert Edwards and Jack Ebbels and they both died by sudden heart 2007 and 2010  in what looked like  deliberate murders.... to cover up crimes. Robert Edwards was rewarded for his crookedness by Mulroney's successor Kim Campbell in February 1993 who appointed a judge in 1993.  Edwards was well known for his corruption on the bench. 

Click here to learn more about the Water War Crimes

At the same time that McLachlin was announcing her retirement our intrepid investigators learned that Master Peter Keighley who found in favour of the crooked Greg Harney was seriously ill with heart disease.

This is how karma works. 

When a judge makes a crooked judgment his body and spirit are harmed because he or she knows that what he is doing is wrong and he or she experiences internal guilt and shame. 

Cancer and heart disease are well known to be spiritual and emotional based diseases stemming from the emotions of shame and guilt. 

Friday, May 19, 2017

The Elusive Master Peter Keighley of the Supreme Court of British Colmbia

Peter Keighley 
When the Court system of British Columbia screwed over John English and his children one of the early judicial players in they attack against him was Master Peter Keighley a judicial officer of the Supreme Court of British Columba.

Keighley had played a key role in the destruction of the career of British Columbia lawyer Karl Eisbrenner in 2000 who was acting for 188 senior citizens in a case that threatened to destroy the political career of the notorious Gordon Campbell who, once upon a time, was the mayor of Vancouver but, with the help of a few Freemason pals took over the leadership off the BC Liberal Party and was poised to become Premier.  Karl's clients and their case was a clear threat so Karl was destroyed by the Law Society of British Columbia in what our Editors believe was a fraudulent disbarment proceeding and Peter Keighley, then a senior officer of the Law Society, played a leading role in that disbarment. Shortly after he was elected to office, Premier Gordon Campbell and his pals rewarded Peter Keighley by making him a Master of the Supreme Court of BC where he earns about $250,000 per year

As a Master of the Court, Keighley has earned a reputation ... more to come.

Monday, March 13, 2017

A Call To Arms in the House of Commons

Observers report that Greg Harney is getting extremely nervous by the commentary of Canadian Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould  who established a Parliamentary precedent that send shivers up the yellow spines of the Judicial Mafia that has been operating in Canada for decades by openly calling a unanimous vote by all members of the House of Commons for the immediate removal of Alberta Justice Robin "Knees together" Camp.

The comments of Ms. Wilson Raybould, are welcome breath of fresh air from the House of Commons where, for decades, members have turned a blind eye to judicial corruption and, with any good luck, the trend will continue and undeserving crooked judges across Canada will face parliamentary scrutiny for their manifest corruption.  Such scrutiny is long overdue.

The three judges who lied in their judgment at the Court of Appeal for British Columbia in order to harm John English and his family and protect BC lawyer Greg Harney may soon face a similar call for their removal.

 The native or first nations community in Canada has first hand experience with racist, bigoted and corrupt pigs in both the prosecution service and judiciary and, in many parts of Canada, the jails are teeming with natives who were given lengthy jail terms for minor offences while in family courts
paedophile judges regularly rip children from their parents to satisfy the lusts and greed of the child molesting perverts in the government run foster care business.

Craig Callens
A week earlier the hand of Justice Minister Wilson was seen at work when it was announced that long serving  Deputy  Commissioner of the RCMP for British Columbia, Craig Callens, was retired and replaced by a native woman,  Brenda Butterworth-Carr.

The RCMP have been sitting on a number of BIG complaints involving British Columbia, in politics, in the civil service, in the legal profession, in the judiciary, in the court administration, and in the RCMP itself which are related to the murder of native women on the Highway of Tears where a prime suspect is an RCMP officer.

On Monday, March 6, 2017 it was announced that the RCMP Commissioner for the whole of frigging Canada, Bob Paulson, would be retiring effective June 1, 2017. 

Bob Paulson
Paulson also served in British Columba and in the Editors opinion was responsible for a number of RCMP cover ups including the murder of Ian Bush a young man living in Houston BC who was shot and killed by RCMP Constable Paul Koester, after being arrested outside a hockey game.

Many members of the community believe there were several flaws in the investigation, that there may have been a cover-up and conspiracy to protect Cst Koester

Koester was never prosecuted for what many believe was a cold blooded murder

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Supreme Court of Canada Opens Case File Against Victoria Lawyer Greg Harney


The Supreme Court of Canada has announced to the public that it has opened a case file in the case of the Million Dollar lawyer Greg Harney who sent his client a bogus bill of $1.2 million for a few days of Court time and attempted to link him up with what Mr. English claims was dirty money.

Click here to review Supreme Court of Canada docket on case number 37325 Angleland Holdings Ltd and others v Gregory N. Harney Law Corporation and others


Monday, August 15, 2016

Rare Ruling By Registrar Outerbridge At BC Court of Appeal Halied By Skeptics

In a rare move, Registrar Timothy Outerbridge at the Court of Appeal for British Columbia granted John English and his family an extension of time to file their written arguments asking the Court of Appeal to reconsider its decision based on the fraudulent statements contained in the judgment of Elizabeth Bennett, Mary Saunders and Niki Garson delivered in June 2016 that favoured the notorious Greg Harney and his former partner Paul Waller in their fraudulent billing dispute with John English and his family companies.

Legal observers are hailing Outerbridge's decision which may assist John English and his allies to topple one of the most corrupt networks of judges in Canadian history. 

Premier Clark and John English
This move coincides with the information that the RCMP are conducting a rare criminal investigation of allegations of improper interference with the judicial process and criminal conspiracy to commit judicial fraud which may result in a public relations disaster for the administration of Premier Christy Clark that appears to be behind the judicial manipulation and which is designed to destroy John English so that politicians and bureaucrats can loot his family property and put the property in their pension plan.

See more at

Friday, July 29, 2016

Chief Justice Hinkson Asked To Investigate Corruption Allegations Against Master Peter Keighely

Chief Justice Hinkson
The nasty case of the extortionist billing practices of Victoria area lawyer Greg Harney got a little nastier on Thursday July 28 2016 when a formal complaint was filed at the Supreme Court  registry in Vancouver asking the Chief Justice Hinkson to  examine the role of Master Peter Keighley (photo unavailable) in the obvious criminal conspiracy by agents of the British Columbia government to steal the land owned by John English and his family in Tofino British Columbia so that politicians and government employees like Peter Keighley could enjoy fat retirement pensions living on property stolen from average citizens like the English family.

Peter Keighley first came to the attention of the our sources when he was part of the Law Society of British Columbia's  co-ordinated strategy to destroy South Okanaghan lawyer Karl Eisbrenner, while acting on a case for 188 senior citizens who had their retirement community destroyed by the Barisoff family, political friends of former criminal Premier Gordon Campbell. 

Click here to read full copy of filed complaint to Hinkson about Master Peter Keighley

It seems one of the Barisoffs or an agent filed some fraudulent documents and got a mining permit they were not supposed to get and Eisbrenner had gotten copies and filed them in Court and the whole mess was set to blow Gordon Campbell's chance to win the next provincial election so the criminal faction inside the Law Society of British Columbia started a disbarment proceeding against Eisbrenner when there had been no complaint from any member of the public.

Premier Gordon Campbell
Eisbrenner was destroyed. 

As soon as Gordon Campbell  was elected and got off his drunk driving charge in Hawaii,  Campbell rewarded / paid off Peter Keighley with a plum position of Master at the Supreme  Court  of British Columbia where he earns about $250,00 per year and continues to turn tricks for the criminals in the government .

Click here to read more about Karl Eisbrenner and how he was destroyed by Keighley to favour Gordon Campbell 

Karl Eisbrenner was a honest lawyer destroyed by a dirty dishonest, craftily engineered hearing at the Law Society where the Law Society hired a corrupt psychiatrist who wrote the Eisbrenner was delusional about the case he was working on but admitted she never spoke to a single witness or read a single affidavit filed in the proceedings. 

The psychiatrist went on to get plenty of government work and high rates of pay but she grew 10 years older in six months which is the price she paid for dishonestly causing intentional harm to others.

A leopard doesn't change its spots, Keighley compromised himself once and he is now subject to continuing blackmail and we believe he was blackmailed by insiders at the Government of British Columbia to favour Greg Harney so the Harney judgment of $236,000 for two days of court work could be used to put the nail in the coffin of Jack English and his family by stealing their last piece of property in Tofino to give over to BCIMC at another rigged or fixed  judicial sale.  

Keighley should never have been on the case because his pension is managed by BCIMC the same organization that benefitted from the thievery of the English family resort property and Keighley's retirement pension will directly benefit from destroying the English family and assisting these crimes to be carried out. 

In our opinion Peter Keighley is a danger to the public and if you are a member of the public and you have information about corruption by Peter Keighley please contact our editors at

New: Visit the New Web Site dedicated to explaining the crimes against the English family

Monday, July 18, 2016

British Columbia Government Burns Family Out, Firebombs Business, Destroys Access Bridge, Threatens Alternate Lenders and Cuts Off Water and Sewer So It Can Buy Property At Extremely Low Price in Rigged Judicial Sale - And Then There Was Greg Harney

The following information is taken from the Gangsters Out blog located at
The information on the role of BC lawyer Greg Harney is at about the 7th paragraph

 Thursday, July 14, 2016
Spotlight on the BCIMC Fraud

Victims of the State of British Columbia - The English family Resort  
Since this case exemplifies real estate corruption tied to the BC government I think it is important we review this important case at this crucial time. Jack English owned the Pacific Rim Resort campgrounds in Tofino for 30 years since 1984. The Pacific Rim Resort had 2800 feet of white sand beach, 214 acres and 1200 family campsites. It was the family business for 30 years.

Tofino is the launching point to the famous Clayoquot Sound, a protected biosphere that I have previously blogged about on more than one occasion. Tourism is it's largest source of revenue. Obviously the Pacific Rim Resort was a prime piece of real estate. Investors tried to get them to sell for 16 million when it was appraised at 60 million. They said no. It was their livelihood.

English family home burning- Fire Set By BCIMC Agents
 That's when things started to go wrong. Arsonists simultaneously burned down their home and two other buildings on the property all at once back in May of 2010. BC Hydro cut off access to the property August 10, 2010. The City cut off their water and sewer. This made it impossible for them to operate the resort and maintain their source of revenue. As a result they obviously fell behind in the mortgage. This allowed the BCIMC to obtain title to the property at a firesale price. 

Blaming the Natives - The Art of distraction by Government
I previously blogged about this case back in 2013. Note the graffiti tag that was left behind after the arson attack. This isn't the graffiti tag from any known First Nations gang like Red Alert or the Manitoba Warriors. This isn't even First Nations. The characters are from an alphabet the French and English made up to record the local oral languages. No First Nations gang banger is going to know this alphabet. Only someone who went to university would. The graffiti tag was left behind to make it look like a First Nations gang when it obviously was not. Something much more sinister is involved here. It wasn't a First Nations gang that cut off their sewer, power and access bridge. It was BC Hydro and the City of Tofino.

More destruction by British Columbia Government Agents
Jack and his Family were betrayed by their lawyers.

The first lawyer to mess up was Jeff Scouten who misled Jack which Jack only learned of when Jack said he was going to file some documents for the court in the local registry in Nanaimo. Scouten told him not to because the case had been transferred to Kelowna. Jack was shocked and asked why as he would not consent to it. Scouten said the other party requested it and he agreed to it without telling Jack. That is when Jack fired Jeff Scouten.

Then, when Jack arrived at the court in Kelowna he discovered that Scouten had also consented to an immediate order of foreclosure. That means if Jack hadn't been on the ball, Scouten would have agreed to everything the lender wanted and more. They would have simply walked away with Jack’s property without any redemption period or opportunity to refinance whatsoever.

Jack then hired Boughton and Company in Vancouver, where former Attorney General Wally Oppal works. Not surprisingly, Boughton didn't do anything for him and charged him over $100,000. It was only after the foreclosure was over that Jack learned that the Province wanted his property to hand it off to his neighbours as part of a deal that would enrich Wally Oppal's pension. But it gets worse. In steps Greg Harney.

Jack English retained Greg Harney in Victoria to stop the wrongful foreclosure of his family business and home. They negotiated and agreed upon a fee of “$10,000 and two RV Sites close to the beach”. Greg went to court on two occasions and got a six month extension to the foreclosure. But then Greg tried to extort $1.2 million in legal fees from Jack for a few days work when Jack refused to go along with Greg’s demand that he sell their Resort to BCIMC for 15% of its’ appraised value. Jack contacted the President of the BC Law Society and complained that Harney was attempting to extort him and would not honour his fee agreement.

Jack refused to pay the extortionate amount. Harney quit the case and immediately commenced collection proceedings in court for this unbelievable bill where Harney's friend on the bench, a Master who is paid by the Provincial Government and who has his pension with BCIMC, decided the case in favour of Harney. Greg Harney previously said he would arrange refinancing for Jack with Greg Martel in Victoria who is believed to be involved in money laundering for one of the gangs connected to the Lindsay Buziak murder.

Jack is battling Harney in the Court of Appeal now. The case is nasty with documented evidence showing that Harney secretly filed fraudulent backdated documents just before the court hearing which is a criminal offence. But for some reason the appeal judges are ignoring this evidence and bending over backwards to protect Greg Harney who submitted the fraudulent bill.

Here's' the deal: There were two parcels of land. One was owned outright and the other still had a mortgage on it. After BCIMC stole the main parcel of land that had a mortgage through a serious of criminal acts that prevented Jack from earning a revenue to pay the mortgage, Greg Haney is now trying to steal the other parcel of land that Jack owned without a mortgage. I kid you not. There's a whole blog about that aspect of the fraud as well at That's why it is important to act now to prevent the family from being defrauded twice.

John Carten, acting on behalf of the English family contacted Lawson Lundell LLP in response to his letter to Rick Mahler, Chairman of the Board for the BCIMC and rightfully advised them that the possession of property that the possessor knows was obtained directly or indirectly by criminal acts is itself a crime under Section 354(1)(a) of the Criminal Code of Canada and asked three key questions we are anxiously waiting a response to in this PDF copy of his letter. Mr Caten also made Christy Clark aware of the fraud which is shown in this PDF copy of that letter as well. Let's see how far this rabbit hole really goes. Stay tuned.

Smiling Rick Mahler Refused to Return Stolen Property
 (Rick Mahler, Chairman of the Board for the BCIMC. Candidate for the Gang Member Registry.)

After this happened Jack and his kids were left destitute. Christmas they had nothing. They had no hot water, no sewer, no money and no food. They were sitting at the table on Christmas and Jack's 10 year old daughter asked him are we going to die? Jack uncomfortably said no, but it's going to be a little rough. Then it was an act of "Christian" service from a local member of the Hell Angels who gave them food at Christmas which helped them survive. Not all Hells Angles are good, but not all Hells Angels are bad either. Just sayin. I still think they should return the Nanaimo clubhouse and seize the Kelowna clubhouse instead by way of consent order. Peace.

Editors Note: At this time we have no direct evidence that Greg Harney was part of the criminal network operating to assist BCIMC acquire the English family property at firesale prices. He may have been simply acting on his own but, certainly, as Harmey tried to collect his bill it became clear that Government employees and former Government employees with pensions managed by BCIMC decided to assist Harney try to destroy Mr. English. These individuals include Master Peter Keighley, Justice Keith Bracken, and Justice Elizabeth Bennett.

All of these people had financial conflicts of interest, should not have been on the case and ruled in favour of their financial interest and against Mr. English and his family.

Mr English reports that he felt he the trial judge in the foreclosure, Mr. Justice Betton, was fair but was lied to be the lawyers who conspired to withhold evidence and who intentionally did not argue the case properly or were grossly incompetent.

The BC Government later rewarded one of the lawyers by making him a Master of the Court at a salary of $250,000 per year. Mr. English learned later that his own lawyer was related by marriage to the opposing lawyer which explains why he did such a poor job for his client at the trial. 

At a hearing after the trial, another judge, Justice Barrow, realized their may have been huge crime going on and he declined to grant the order sought by opposing legal counsel that would have blocked a future lawsuit to recover the property.  Justice Barrow could not reverse the damage done but he did the make a straight judgment.

As Mr. English has been struggling to turn things around a number of other the judges in the Supreme Court of British Columbia have given him a fair hearing because they have been fully advised of the nature of the crimes and how the court was used to complete the criminal conspiracy initiated at a high level by agents of the Government. 

These honest judges include Master Taylor, Justice Groves, Justice Peter Leask Justice Betton Justice Barrow Justice Tysoe and Registrar Outerbridge and a few others whose names will be posted shortly.