Thursday, June 4, 2015

In the Interests of Fairness and Jounalistic Integrity We Publish Greg Harney's Correspondence Complaining About this Blog

Greg Harney
Mr. Harney wrote:
Your untruthful defamatory publications continue despite my multiple warnings.
Take it down, all of it, or action will be commenced.
Greg Harney
Shields Harney
602 - 732 Broughton Street
Victoria BC V8W 1E1
Our Editor responded:
Mr. Harney
Thank you for your letter.  
We believe in honesty in reporting and adhere to the highest journalistic standards.
The matter is in the courts and is a matter of public record but, nonetheless, we wish to be fair to you.
Please advise what statements on the blog are, in your opinion, untruthful.
We will review your specific concerns and respond appropriately.
You truly,
Joe Adam
Legal judicial blogs
Mr. Harney replied

John a.k.a. Jack English

No, your reports are not honest or accurate.

No, you do not adhere to the highest journalistic standards, or any standard for that matter.

Most of the blog is untruthful, not in my opinion but in fact.
The court of appeal case is not English against me, but him appealing the judgments in my favour.
I did not “try to rip him off”, and your numbers are all wrong.
There is no criminal conspiracy or anyone controlling my claims but me, as he and his companies owe me about $300K at this point.
The one page attendance report at St. Paul’s says nothing of any serious medical condition.
The court did not force him to attend, but offered the option in advance which he eventually accepted when he attended.
The above are not exhaustive, just examples of your patent disregard for the truth or accuracy.
If you have any integrity, amend the untruths.
Greg Harney
Shields Harney
602 - 732 Broughton Street
Victoria BC V8W 1E1
Ph:   250-405-7616
Fax:  250-405-7619

Editors note: We are publishing the above correspondence in the interests of fairness and journalistic integrity. 

Mr. English continues to hold the opinion that Mr. Harney's conduct was highly unprofessional, that he overbilled for work done, that he did not carry out his original retainer and that he tried to bully Mr. English into approving a "draft" bill for $1.1 million.

The Editors also observe that when Mr. Harney sent Mr. English
the official bill it was for a whooping $536,000 including taxes, for a few weeks of work and that Master Keighly of the Supreme Court of British Columbia found the bill to be far too high and reduced that bill by 50 per cent to $256,000 including taxes. 

Mr. Harney kept no time records.