Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Harney English Dispute Goes to the Court of Appeal

At the last moment, Jack English's legal fight with lawyer, Greg Harney, over his $500,000 plus legal account was given a fresh breath of life when Justice Tysoe of the Court of Appeal for British Columbia passed judgment on October 27, 2014 and said "O.K.  tweet, we will let Jack English argue this case against Gregg Harney ", or words to like effect.

That is what is going on now. 

So Jack English is picking up the pieces and maybe he will be able to reduce Mr. Harney's bill by another $100,000 or $200,000 dollars or maybe wipe it out altogether now that Jack English is lying flat on the mat having been knocked on the head with a big piece of lumber leaving him a big lump in and on his head.

Justice Tysoe added his own opinion about the likelihood of success.

More to come ....

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Lawyer Greg Harney Denies Allegations By Jack English

In the interests of fairness, the Editors are publishing Mr. Harney's request to remove the blog that reproduces certain allegations made by Jack English.

However, the editors have declined the request because Mr. Harney, as an officer of the court, is a public official and the public have a right to know how its public officials are acting with the powers that the legislature confers upon them and their monopoly over the provision of legal services to the public. 

The Editors recommend that the readers use discernment and make no comment upon the truth of accuracy of the allegations by either Mr. Harney or Mr. English.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Greg Harney <>
Date: Thu, Feb 13, 2014 at 8:13 AM
Subject: RE: Pending Story on Greg Harney
To: Joe Adam
cc: pacific rim, Paul Waller,

In spite of my earlier warning about your and Mr. English’s defamatory statements, the blog has reappeared, now with even more untruthful and false statements.
I have no idea where you get this stuff, such as staff allegedly walking out on me en masse, which has never happened, or the “fortress” office space, or the “gang rape”, but both you and Mr. English are inviting an action for serious damages for defamatory statements.
I worked on this case for longer than five months, and did not conspire or “gang stalk”.
Additionally, if I commence action, I will compel the production of the names and proof of the statements of the third parties such as the Victoria legal secretary and the Vancouver lawyer.
The content is insulting, and a deliberate attempt to sully my reputation.
If it does not come down immediately, and permanently, there will be consequences.
Greg Harney

Monday, January 27, 2014

Is Victoria lawyer Greg Harmey a scammer? Or, is he just a well meaning lawyer whose services are greatly undervalued by his client?

Why do we call Greg Harney the Million Dollar Man?

Simple!  Mr. Harney (shown on left) gave his Client, Jack English,(shown in sidebar photo) a Million Dollar plus account that is pictured below.

How would you like to receive a bill like this? 
From a Lawyer who only went to Court for you twice over a period of five months.
Once for day and once for a few hours.

Oh yes, he did a few others things but the total period of his engagement was only five months!
The 1.1 Million Dollar account came as a massive shock because according to Jack English, Mr. Harney agreed that he would take 2 trailer pads that the client was selling as payment along with $10,000 for his expenses. That was the deal that Jack English thought and continues to think he made with Mr. Harney when he hired him because he was short of cash and English says that Harney said he would "kick the shit out of them" and end the Lender's case against the English Family with a "Lender Liability" counter suit for wrongful foreclosure. According to Mr. English, Mr. Harney never followed through on his promises and never started the Lender Liability lawsuit. 
But, INSTEAD, Mr. Harney sent this mind boggling 1.1 MILLION DOLLAR BILL! (we are only enclosing the last page of the bill because of editing limitations. if you wish a full copy of the bill please contact Jack English at  
An account Bill that the B.C. Supreme Court judge called:
“The Jolt Account.”
Although the judge called it a “Jolt Account”, Jack English thinks it really was just a crude and abusive method of psychological terrorism by lawyer, Gregory N. Harney, to attempt to force his client to pay him much, much, more that the 2 trailer sites and $10,000.00 that Mr. Harney said he would take as his fee and that Mr. English agreed to pay Mr. Harney for ending this wrongful attempt to take his family's home and business that they had owned and built up for over 30 years.  
Naturally, in court, Mr. Harney denied he made the $10,000  deal with the his client because, if he admitted it, the judge / Registrar might apply "contract law"  a.k.a. "the law of contract" and reject Mr. Harney's attempt to collect over half a million dollars for what Mr. English thinks was just a few days work but that actually seems to involve substantially more than just a few days of work over the five or six month period starting from the day Harney was paid $10,000 Jack English says he paid thinking he was working on an understanding which Mr. Harney disagrees with that at the court hearing. Misunderstandings about retainers are common which is why most law firms require that partners put those agreements in writing something Mr. Harney did not appear to do.         
Mr. English says he went into shock and disbelief when he received this Million Dollar plus bill from Mr. Harney and immediately complained to Mr. Gordon Turriff, Q.C., who was then the President of the Law Society of British Columbia.  
Responding to his Mr. English's complaint, Mr. Harney then
revised his bill and sent Mr. English a new bill a few weeks later in the amount of $520,000.00.
Mr. English thought the second bill was equally absurd for the small amount of legal work involved and he has now been in a 3 years court struggle to have Mr. Harney's entire account thrown out and disallowed.  

Mr. English has had some success in the lower court that reduced the $520,000 bill to $220,000 but Mr. English is appealing that decision to the Court of Appeal for British Columbia where the Court recently ruled that massive million dollar plus legal bill threatened the integrity of the legal profession.   
In addition, Mr. English says Mr. Harney was rude abusive and unprofessional.  

The following is a direct quote from email from Mr. Harney to his client referring to the Lenders he had earlier said he "would kick the shit out of" instead he then wrote to Mr. English 

        “then pay off the fuckers!"
Jack English says that “Mr. Harney was the rudest, most abusive individual I have ever met! I was shocked that a Lawyer could speak to his client the way he spoke to me!  I dreaded speaking to him as he was so demeaning to me and called me names continuously. I have never been treated like this by a Lawyer in my life.."   

Jack English says that his 11 year old daughter told him that, while she was waiting in Mr. Harney’s waiting room for the him while he went downstairs to plug his parking meter, Greg Harney came into the waiting room and greeted a lady client by yelling at her and saying “This isn’t a fucking McDonalds! You have to make a fucking appointment to see me, you can’t just come walking in here!”

Would you want this man to be your Lawyer? Perhaps he was just having a bad hair day or Jack 's daughter was making it up which is highly unlikely given the novelty of the alleged incident.

Jack English also claims that he was told by an experienced Victoria Legal Secretary told him that, on one occasion, Mr. Harney’s entire staff walked out on him and quit.  Law offices are sometimes like that due to the crazy things lawyers do for a living dealing with the thieves, robbers, bandits, bankers widows, children, drug dealers, idiots, malcontents, accident victims, and real estate agents...  the list is endless and could cause staff to leave for any number of reasons .... including collective dementia by the staff who live in the same insanity as the lawyer but in live in another illusion / delusion altogether.  

Then, a Lawyer in Vancouver, who was going to take the Mr. English's case against Mr. Harney received an email from Mr. Harney which contains some curious language traht Mr. English claims to invite the other lawyer to team up with Mr. Harney and essentially participate in a financial gang rape of the English Family. This email is published here for you, the public, to view.

Jack English claims that another prominent Vancouver Lawyer told Mr. English that "Greg Harney is my number one candidate for dis-barrment in British Columbia!"


Mr. English thinks so.

Read the email below on this blog and decide for yourself.

The Lawyer Mr. Harney sent this email to never took the case but forwarded Mr. Harney’s email to Mr. English. 

To express your concerns with this sort of seeming outrageous and unethical abuse of authority you can write or email the following officials:

President, Law Society of B.C. at 845 Cambie Street, Vancouver, B.C., V6B 4Z9   
or Suzanne Anton, Minister of Justice and Attorney General for British Columbia, PO Box 9044 Stn Prov. Gov't, Victoria, B.C. V8W 9E2 Email =

Attorney General Anton has a serious conflict of interest because her pension plan is invested with the company believed to have been behind the campaign of terrorism against the English family. 

According to Jack English, at the same time that Greg Harney was sending out his massive absurd legal bills, the English family were in the middle of a reign of terror carried out by agents of the British Columbia government who were  determined to loot their Vancouver Island resort property, Pacific Rim Resort, at 20% of market values through a fraudulent court proceeding where the court sale process was deliberately sabotaged and subverted. 

The particulars of that criminal conspiracy are well documented and are set out on a blog dedicated to the exposing a criminal conspiracy that appears to have involved several agencies of the British Columbia government.

Click here to read about BC Government criminal conspiracy
Mr. English now believes that Greg Harney may have been a player in the criminal conspiracy and that Harney was induced to hit the English family with a grossly excessive legal bill as part of the criminal campaign to financially ruin him so he could not defend himself against the criminal conspiracy to loot his family's 116 acre beachfront Tofino resort property conservatively valued for over $60 million. 

If Mr. Harney was induced by agents of the BC  Government to sabotage his own client with a huge bill then that would explain why he has recently moved his office into a fortress like high security location where the public are unable to enter the building except after being approved on an intercom system (see photo on right) because Mr. Harney would necessarily be in possession of information that could put others in jail thereby putting his own life at risk. (Editors' Note: We wish no harm to Mr. Haney and readers must take into consideration that this is only Jack English's side of the story and, surely, Mr. Harney may have a very plausible tale of woe or work or whatever to justify his bill which appears, on its face, to worked out to about $25,000 to $35,000 per month for a lawyer in Victoria and  his staff. He carries some guy in his office, so to speak, who is also lawyer on the file so, for 2 guys and a typist, the reduced fee may have been in the high range and there is no doubt that Harney did achieve some success so he deserved to be paid something even though he did not slay the dragon at BCIMC. )  

It is beginning to look a lot like the criminal conspiracy against Jack English and his family reached out and compromised a number of his own lawyers because, for some unexplained reason, the English family lawyers often refused to follow instructions, failed to present evidence and did things that undermined the English family's eventual success in court. When the lawyers were finished they saddled the family business with giant legal bills for no success while, at the same time, ignoring the clear and obvious evidence that the English family were the target of a criminal conspiracy. This is  characteristic gang stalking by certain members of the British Columbia legal profession that has given the profession in B.C. an international reputation for cheating their own clients. 

At this time, Mr. English reports that the evidence that Mr. Harney may have been part of a criminal conspiracy against his family is circumstantial but the investigation is continuing. 

Readers are requested to complete our online poll in the sidebar and let us know what you think the Law Society should do about Mr. Harney.