Monday, August 15, 2016

Rare Ruling By Registrar Outerbridge At BC Court of Appeal Halied By Skeptics

In a rare move, Registrar Timothy Outerbridge at the Court of Appeal for British Columbia granted John English and his family an extension of time to file their written arguments asking the Court of Appeal to reconsider its decision based on the fraudulent statements contained in the judgment of Elizabeth Bennett, Mary Saunders and Niki Garson delivered in June 2016 that favoured the notorious Greg Harney and his former partner Paul Waller in their fraudulent billing dispute with John English and his family companies.

Legal observers are hailing Outerbridge's decision which may assist John English and his allies to topple one of the most corrupt networks of judges in Canadian history. 

Premier Clark and John English
This move coincides with the information that the RCMP are conducting a rare criminal investigation of allegations of improper interference with the judicial process and criminal conspiracy to commit judicial fraud which may result in a public relations disaster for the administration of Premier Christy Clark that appears to be behind the judicial manipulation and which is designed to destroy John English so that politicians and bureaucrats can loot his family property and put the property in their pension plan.

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  1. LOL....first you diss on this you hail him. Moron.

    Joe Adam aka John English...goof ball.

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