Friday, July 29, 2016

Chief Justice Hinkson Asked To Investigate Corruption Allegations Against Master Peter Keighely

Chief Justice Hinkson
The nasty case of the extortionist billing practices of Victoria area lawyer Greg Harney got a little nastier on Thursday July 28 2016 when a formal complaint was filed at the Supreme Court  registry in Vancouver asking the Chief Justice Hinkson to  examine the role of Master Peter Keighley (photo unavailable) in the obvious criminal conspiracy by agents of the British Columbia government to steal the land owned by John English and his family in Tofino British Columbia so that politicians and government employees like Peter Keighley could enjoy fat retirement pensions living on property stolen from average citizens like the English family.

Peter Keighley first came to the attention of the our sources when he was part of the Law Society of British Columbia's  co-ordinated strategy to destroy South Okanaghan lawyer Karl Eisbrenner, while acting on a case for 188 senior citizens who had their retirement community destroyed by the Barisoff family, political friends of former criminal Premier Gordon Campbell. 

Click here to read full copy of filed complaint to Hinkson about Master Peter Keighley

It seems one of the Barisoffs or an agent filed some fraudulent documents and got a mining permit they were not supposed to get and Eisbrenner had gotten copies and filed them in Court and the whole mess was set to blow Gordon Campbell's chance to win the next provincial election so the criminal faction inside the Law Society of British Columbia started a disbarment proceeding against Eisbrenner when there had been no complaint from any member of the public.

Premier Gordon Campbell
Eisbrenner was destroyed. 

As soon as Gordon Campbell  was elected and got off his drunk driving charge in Hawaii,  Campbell rewarded / paid off Peter Keighley with a plum position of Master at the Supreme  Court  of British Columbia where he earns about $250,00 per year and continues to turn tricks for the criminals in the government .

Click here to read more about Karl Eisbrenner and how he was destroyed by Keighley to favour Gordon Campbell 

Karl Eisbrenner was a honest lawyer destroyed by a dirty dishonest, craftily engineered hearing at the Law Society where the Law Society hired a corrupt psychiatrist who wrote the Eisbrenner was delusional about the case he was working on but admitted she never spoke to a single witness or read a single affidavit filed in the proceedings. 

The psychiatrist went on to get plenty of government work and high rates of pay but she grew 10 years older in six months which is the price she paid for dishonestly causing intentional harm to others.

A leopard doesn't change its spots, Keighley compromised himself once and he is now subject to continuing blackmail and we believe he was blackmailed by insiders at the Government of British Columbia to favour Greg Harney so the Harney judgment of $236,000 for two days of court work could be used to put the nail in the coffin of Jack English and his family by stealing their last piece of property in Tofino to give over to BCIMC at another rigged or fixed  judicial sale.  

Keighley should never have been on the case because his pension is managed by BCIMC the same organization that benefitted from the thievery of the English family resort property and Keighley's retirement pension will directly benefit from destroying the English family and assisting these crimes to be carried out. 

In our opinion Peter Keighley is a danger to the public and if you are a member of the public and you have information about corruption by Peter Keighley please contact our editors at

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