Friday, May 19, 2017

The Elusive Master Peter Keighley of the Supreme Court of British Colmbia

Peter Keighley 
When the Court system of British Columbia screwed over John English and his children one of the early judicial players in they attack against him was Master Peter Keighley a judicial officer of the Supreme Court of British Columba.

Keighley had played a key role in the destruction of the career of British Columbia lawyer Karl Eisbrenner in 2000 who was acting for 188 senior citizens in a case that threatened to destroy the political career of the notorious Gordon Campbell who, once upon a time, was the mayor of Vancouver but, with the help of a few Freemason pals took over the leadership off the BC Liberal Party and was poised to become Premier.  Karl's clients and their case was a clear threat so Karl was destroyed by the Law Society of British Columbia in what our Editors believe was a fraudulent disbarment proceeding and Peter Keighley, then a senior officer of the Law Society, played a leading role in that disbarment. Shortly after he was elected to office, Premier Gordon Campbell and his pals rewarded Peter Keighley by making him a Master of the Supreme Court of BC where he earns about $250,000 per year

As a Master of the Court, Keighley has earned a reputation ... more to come.


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